Key Info to Communicate to Your Customers

In this time of social distancing, consistent communication with your dealership’s customers is more critical than ever. People are still shopping for – and buying – cars. While some will likely delay their purchases until after the dust settles, many will not. And now is the time to set yourself apart from your competitors with an experience that makes customers feel like VIPs, even from their living rooms.  

Here are some key pieces of info unique to the current situation that you need to make sure your customers can find quickly and easily.  

How state and local regulations affect your operations: With state and local regulations constantly changing, many of your customers are likely unclear about what businesses are open and when. Make it easy to understand how your dealership is affected and responding to the regulations in your communications.   

Updated hours and contact info: Make sure customers can quickly find out if you’re open; don’t leave them questioning if the business hours on your website and social media profiles are out of date.  

How you’re keeping customers safe: Your customers need to feel reassured that if they test drive a vehicle or come into your dealership for service, they will be safe. Tell your customers about enhanced cleaning, sanitation and social distancing measures you’ve implemented in your store.  

What you’re doing for employees: Many of your customers aren’t only worried about themselves; they are worried about your employees too. If they think your dealership is putting your staff at risk, they are unlikely to buy from you – now or in the future. Explain new processes you’ve put in place to keep employees safe to your customers.  

New delivery and/or operating models: Your customers are used to online shopping for smaller purchases, but they may not realize they might be able to buy a car online. Provide them with clear, step-by-step instructions on how on your digital retailing capabilities, as well as information on alternative delivery options you’ve implemented.  

Stay tuned for our next blog post, where we’ll cover the channels to consider using to communicate with our customers. For more information, contact your Performance Manager and visit our Dealership Resources Library.  


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