Reach Customers with the Right Communication Channels

In our last blog post, we covered key info you customers need to be able to find quickly and easily in today’s remote shopping environment. But what you say isn’t the only important consideration for your dealership’s customer communications; it is also important to consider the channels you use to say it.  

As they browse from their home instead of your showroom, your customers are likely seeking out information about your dealership from multiple sources using multiple devices. Make sure your messages are consistent and accurate across your communication channels to give your customers the best possible experience. Here are a few key channels to focus on in the coming weeks.  

  • Your website: Your website is your primary storefront now, so it is critical that the information on it is updated and accurate. In addition to updating the hours and contact info section of your site, consider adding additional banners and videos on your website so customers don’t have to hunt for the latest info. It is also important to keep your inventory as up-to-date as possible with so many online shoppers.  


  • Your social media channels: As with your website, consider adding images and videos about your hours, contact info and new procedures to your social media channels to make sure customers are informed.   


  • Your CRM: Your sales team away from their dealership desks doesn’t mean processes should go away too. Direct communication with customers should still be done through the CRM whenever possible to maintain consistency and avoid customers having to repeat themselves. This means that salespeople need full access to the CRM from anywhere, which is possible with CRM mobile apps.  


  • Text: With a 98% read rate, texts are a great way to ensure that your customers see the most important updates you have to share. Make sure you’re taking advantage of photo and video sending capabilities in your texting, as photos and videos are some of the most helpful content as customers are shopping.  


  • Email: Emails remain an important part of the sales process. Make sure your auto-responders are updated to include  


  • Video chat: Don’t underestimate the power of a “face-to-face” interaction, even when it is virtual. Offer to video chat with your customers, using an affordable video conferencing platform or even FaceTime. Putting a face to a name can go a long way in building trust with your customers and in minimizing the time spent going back and forth on a potential deal.  


For more information, contact your Performance Manager and visit our Dealership Resources Library.  


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