Why You Should Attend VinWorx

Are you ready to unleash your CRM superpowers? Want to save the day at your dealership? Then get ready for VinWorx 2019, the automotive retail industry’s largest CRM user summit. This year’s two-day event (Oct. 8-9) will take place in Fort Worth, Texas, and is specifically designed to help you supercharge your CRM utilization so you can move up, up, and away from your competition. Here are a few (super) good reasons why you should attend VinWorx 2019. 

An ounce of training is worth a pound of productivity

Effective, continuing employee training can have huge productivity benefits for employers. These boosts in productivity are a result of improved thinking and creativity, spending less time correcting errors, learning more efficient processes and simply mastering available tools. The value of proper workplace training and a well-trained workforce cannot be overstated, which is why we created VinWorx. Each year, VinWorx helps dealers unlock the hidden potential in their dealership CRM. And it’s a great way to refresh your knowledge of Connect CRM’s many features. No matter your level of Connect CRM understanding, you can learn something new at VinWorx that you can take back to save the day at your dealership. 

Keynotes, networking and breakout super sessions

At VinWorx, dealership personnel from across the country come together to share ideas and learn a variety of CRM tools and skills. Attendees also get the chance to connect with colleagues and industry leaders, attend intensive workshops and gain insight into Connect CRM’s features to improve outcomes across their dealerships.
During the event, you’ll hear from industry veterans on a variety of topics to help you unleash your CRM super powers. For example, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use x-ray vision to boost sales and CRM utilization 
  • Shapeshift your BDC for success
  • Laser in on progress and results with Connect CRM reporting
  • Super strengthen your focus, value and customer wins with Connect Desking
  • Harness the power of “invisible” manager daily duties
  • Regenerate opportunities with your service department
  • Fly into cash with Connect Campaigns

In addition to keynote presentations, you’ll be able to network with VinSolutions Performance Managers. And you’ll have seven chances to attend seven different breakout sessions within a two-day span. 

But VinWorx isn’t just about insight and information. It’s also about having fun. The two-day event will also include an offsite party at Fort Worth’s historic Stockyards with authentic Texas barbecue, a live country rock band and a chance to interact with peers and industry professionals in a fun, relaxed setting. 

Register your team for VinWorx today

Every year, VinWorx attendees return to their respective dealerships ready to share valuable insights and strategies to improve processes and results. And the best part? It’s completely free. Outside of travel and lodging, everything from our training sessions to our offsite party is offered to all Connect CRM users at no cost. Again, this year’s VinWorx will take place Oct. 8-9 in Fort Worth, Texas. So, don’t wait. Register your team today and learn how to supercharge your CRM utilization and improve productivity at your dealership. 

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