Congrats, Vin Team Members of the Year!

Earlier this month, VinSolutions hosted its annual All Hands meeting, a company-wide gathering to celebrate the previous year’s success and rally behind the vision for the future. In addition to recognizing the successes of the company, the All Hands meeting also recognizes the individual successes of our hardworking team members. We caught up with this year’s Team Members of the Year to hear more about their year and what this recognition means to them.
Congrats to all of this year’s honorees!
Team Member of the Year
Michael “Whitt” Whittlesey, Supervisor, Technical Client Service

Proudest 2017 Accomplishment: I have been proud to watch my entire team cycle into better and higher roles with more responsibility. I am thrilled by their success and knowing that I can continue to help in many ways.
What this Recognition Means: This recognition means a lot to me. It means a lot knowing my hard work is seen and appreciated at such a high level, and I am very honored to have received this award. There are many team members I would have also liked to see get this award because everyone works very hard and just as passionately.
Love for Vin: I have never worked for a company that rewards accomplishments and celebrates success like VinSolutions. We continue to thrive by putting our people first. VinSolutions is an amazing place to build your career and enjoy what you do.

VinGives Award (Volunteerism and Philanthropy)
Cindy Meeks, Lead Client Service Quality Rep

Proudest 2017 Accomplishment: I am proud to have been promoted into my new job role.
What this Recognition Means: It is one of my proudest moments. I love what I do for the community and Hope Lodge specifically. Thanks to VinSolutions for giving us the opportunity to lend a hand.
Love for Vin: Thank you to all the VinSolutions team members who nominated me. I appreciate every one of you.

Product Team Member of the Year
Mike Shean, Senior Product Manager

Proudest 2017 Accomplishment: In early 2017, we were given the privilege to build a Cox Automotive-wide platform. As the team dug into this project, we realized the similarities between this platform and some of our local Connect CRM opportunities. We decided that we could align a VinSolutions-specific deliverable as part of a larger Cox Automotive project. The result of this collaboration across teams is an enhancement that VinSolutions will offer at NADA.
What this Recognition Means: We’ve learned a lot over the years about how to design, implement and launch software products. We still have a long way to go. As we continue to learn and grow together, I am thankful that my peers and leaders have recognized me as an impactful team member.
Love for Vin: I love the car business. I made my living using our products in the dealership, and I’m excited to be in a position to impact the solutions we provide to our dealers. As we continue working to integrate with the rest of Cox Automotive, we have the opportunity to affect change in the retail automotive industry while also working for a great family-owned company.

Sales Team Member of the Year
Rob DeGeorge, Senior Product Consultant

Proudest 2017 Accomplishment: My proudest moment was hearing my name announced as one of the recipients of the Cox Automotive President’s Club during the 2018 Cox Automotive Sales Summit awards ceremony in Las Vegas. The award includes an all-expenses-paid trip to Maui, Hawaii. This will be my first time traveling to Hawaii. Aloha!
What this Recognition Means: First and foremost, thank you Mo Zahabi, Steve Keen and Chase Abbott. Without your belief in my ability to succeed, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to earn this prestigious recognition. Thank you to each and every VinSolutions team member. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your dedication. Ultimately this recognition means reward for the past, opportunity for the future and motivation for the present.
Love for Vin: I am appreciated. VinSolutions genuinely cares about me as a person and my professional growth. Rewarding my efforts from the past year provided validation of appreciation. I love my Vin family!

Client Onboarding Team Members of the Year
Kaci Hedden, Launch Consultant

Proudest 2017 Accomplishment: I’m proud to have launched 141 stores with an average quality score of 98%.
What this Recognition Means: Hard work does not go unnoticed. Keep pushing through even when it seems impossible!
Alex McCabe, Senior Client Trainer

Proudest 2017 Accomplishment: I am proud to be trusted to work with and lead our new hires, as well as help them create a solid foundation to grow on.
What this Recognition Means: Being nominated by your peers means the world. The hard work and long hours that were put in wouldn’t change…but the recognition makes it just a tiny bit more meaningful.
Love for Vin: I’m very fortunate to be a part of the greatest department in the best business unit in one of the top companies in the U.S.

Performance Management Team Member of the Year
Kevin Hudak, Performance Manager

Proudest 2017 Accomplishment: I’m proud to have gained the trust of my new clients and maintained positive relationships with my current clients.
What this Recognition Means: This is one of the proudest career moments in my life. (My family comes first of course.)
Love for Vin: What I like most about working at VinSolutions is the teamwork. We have incredible support staff, sales team and managers.

Development Team Members of the Year
Rob Anderson, Senior Software Engineer

Proudest 2017 Accomplishment: I’m proud to have worked with my new team (Edison) to kickstart a software rewrite.
What this Recognition Means: It means that the company and I are on the same page.
Love for Vin: What I like the most about working for VinSolutions is the people I work with. They make the environment enjoyable.
Mark Dell, Lead Software Engineer

Finance, Marketing and People Strategies Team Member of the Year
Kelly Colwell, Financial Planning and Analysis Manager

Proudest 2017 Accomplishment: I am proud to have identified and fixed a financial error that affected multiple businesses in Cox Automotive.
What this Recognition Means: Hard work is valued.
Operations Team Members of the Year
Rebekah Gall, Senior Technical Client Service Rep
Jesse Kaufman, Technical Client Service Rep II