Digital Dealer Attendees, Up Your Conference ROI

Digital Dealer is only a few days away! The VinSolutions team is all packed up and ready to head to Las Vegas for the conference, which will be attended by an estimated 1,500 dealers from around the country. We’re excited to connect with those of you who will be attending!

Conferences like Digital Dealer are a great opportunity to learn new skills, connect with peers and check out new products that can help take your dealership to the next level. But to make the most out of a big conference like this one, a few extra steps can go a long way. Check out our top tips for making the most of the experience, and don’t forget to stop by the Cox Automotive suite of booths to say hi while you’re there!

Set a goal.
To make the most out of a big conference like Digital Dealer, it is critical to set a goal. Whether it is something general, like network with peers, or something specific, like decide on a vendor for the dealership’s marketing needs, setting a goal will help you filter through all the conference offerings to spend your time on sessions and meetings that will benefit you most – even after the conference is over.

If you’ve been to Digital Dealer before, you know it’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything going on. Even with a goal in mind, without some preparation, it’s easy to get swept up in the action.

Before you leave for Las Vegas, sit down and write down a list of questions you want answered. If you’re focused on networking, scope out the attendee list and prioritize new connections. Scan the exhibitor list for companies of interest, and check their websites for pre-show offers. For example, if you sign up for a demo with VinSolutions by Sunday, Sept. 17 (before the show starts), you’ll receive a $100 American Express gift card upon completion of the demo. We’e also offering no long-term contract and a $0 installation fees for Digital Dealer attendees who close at the show!

Branch out.
While you want to stay focused on your key goal, conferences like Digital Dealer offer you the low-risk opportunity to try something completely new. See a session on a topic you know nothing about? Consider giving it a try. Walk by a booth for a company you’ve wondered about but never researched? Stop by for a conversation. You’ll be surrounded by the industry’s best and brightest, so don’t limit yourself to your comfort zone!

We’d love to see you at our Digital Dealer booth next week! Schedule a demo by Sunday, Sept. 17, and get $100 American Express gift card once you’ve completed your meeting.