See Your Customers in a New Way at NADA

We have officially entered a new decade. The 2010s was a decade of rapid and disruptive technological advancement. From the cloud to big data to digital retailing, a lot changed in a short time, and if today’s new tech is any indication, that trend will continue in the 2020s. All this new technology means your customers see shopping experiences, including car shopping, differently. And it means you can see your customers differently too. Is your dealership up to speed on how the tech of today and tomorrow can improve customer connections?  

Industry conferences and trade shows are a great way to explore many new technology solutions quickly, and for automotive retail, no show can match the value and scope of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) annual conference and expo. For that reason, I always look forward to NADA all year. This year is no exception.  

In the booth, we’ll be showcasing the latest and greatest from our product suite, including enhancements to our artificial intelligence product and personalization capabilities. Here’s a preview of what you’ll be able to see in the VinSolutions booth at NADA in just one short month:  

  • Connect CRM—With customizable processes and robust integrations with other Cox Automotive solutions, Connect CRM gives you a single view of your customers and improves efficiency. And Connect Mobile (the Connect CRM mobile app) gives your sales team access to critical information in Connect CRM on the go, so they can stay with customers and keep the car buying process moving from anywhere on the lot. This type of customer focus matters in car buying, and it can help you win sales away from competitors who take a more disjointed approach to car sales.   
  • Connect Automotive Intelligence— VinSolutions artificial intelligence tool Connect Automotive Intelligence aggregates customer data from Connect CRM, your website, Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader to generate specific insights about your customers. This information is power for your dealership. With the help of artificial intelligence to aggregate and interpret data, you can know which customers are online and ready to buy, so you can reach out to them before your competition. Plus, you can personalize your customers’ buying experience with deeper insight into their interests and readiness to buy.  
  • Connect Desking—With integrations between Connect Desking and other key software platforms, you can see all your customers’ information in one place, push to a certified DMS in real time and pull in credit reports and OFAC checks with the help of Dealertrack’s network. This reduces desking errors and gives your team more time to focus on the customer. Best of all, your customers spend less time at the dealership, resulting in more efficiency and improved customer satisfaction and retention. 

The VinSolutions team is committed to equipping your dealership with the best tools for creating customer connections, but we know can it be difficult to sort out the meaningful technology advancements from noise. To help you get to the need-to-know info, I have written a book on the topic, Accelerating Sales with Artificial Intelligence. Stop by the VinSolutions booth, #2837C in the Cox Automotive village, to pick up your copy.  

There still time to register for a demo at NADA! Schedule your demo here and get a $50 gift card when you complete the demo. If you make a Connect CRM purchase at the show, you’ll receive a free Sonos One speaker, and we will waive your setup and travel expenses for training. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Schedule your NADA 2020 VinSolutions demo to learn more.