Dealership Case Study: Artificial Intelligence Improves Human Connections

It’s a problem with nearly every growing business: ensuring a positive, personalized buying experience for each customer when the number of customers and an abundance of data becomes too much to manage.

Mohawk Honda has been a family-owned dealership, serving the Schenectady, New York community, for the past 100 years. And the secret to their success is their passion for providing a great customer experience. But as business got busier and customer data became harder to manage, the company turned to artificial intelligence technology to keep customer experience a priority.

Right Time, Right Message

Mohawk Honda has always been willing to implement new technology as long as it aligns with the company’s core values and furthers its customer and employee-focused business model. Although it might seem counterintuitive for artificial intelligence to enhance human connections, Mohawk Honda has been impressed with how VinSolutions’ artificial intelligence tool, Connect Automotive Intelligence, has humanized their customer interactions and improved job satisfaction at the dealership.

Specifically, Connect Automotive Intelligence has helped Mohawk Honda to gain insights into each customer’s car buying journey. By aggregating customer data from Connect CRM and from popular auto research sites Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book and their own website, Connect Automotive Intelligence has helped Mohawk Honda salespeople better understand what customers are interested in and where they are in the buying process. This understanding has enabled salespeople to reach out to their customers at the right time with the right, relevant messaging.

Three Key Customer Indicators

Thanks to three key measures of customer behavior and intent—Engagement Strength, Sentiment Analysis and Buying Signals—Connect Automotive Intelligence has made salespeople more proactive about improving the customer experience.  

  • The Engagement Strength feature has helped BDC employees see where customers are in the buying process. And based on a recorded history of customer interactions, sales staff can then reach out to answer questions, be of assistance, and make efforts to keep customers engaged.
  • The Sentiment Analysis feature gives sales personnel clues about customer emotions, including who’s trending up and who may be losing interest.
  • The Buying Signals feature shows the Mohawk Honda sales team which make and model an individual customer is most likely to purchase, so they can quickly and easily tailor recommendations based on individual interests.

Sales Results

Since implementing Connect Automotive Intelligence just over a year ago, Mohawk Honda has seen improves sales results. Last year, the dealership was setting monthly goals to sell 500 cars. This year, the goal is 700 cars per month. The dealership has even added seven new salespeople to keep up with business growth. In fact, employees who have come on since Mohawk Honda implemented Connect Automotive Intelligence are using the technology to consistently sell 25 to 30 cars a month. Plus, with Connect Automotive Intelligence’s enhanced manager dashboard, managers can follow up with salespeople to ensure their success and a superior customer experience.

With the help of Connect Automotive Intelligence, Mohawk Honda is overcoming obstacles inherent with business growth and delivering the type of experience their customers have come to expect.=

To learn more about how Mohawk Honda is driving growth with Connect Automotive Intelligence, watch the video below and read our full case study here.