Webinar: Demystify AI – How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Your Dealership

Interest in artificial intelligence (AI) has exploded over the past several years. At every turn, another news outlet is publishing a story about how artificial intelligence is shaping the future and another company is releasing an AI-enabled product. But what is artificial intelligence all about, and what does it mean for your dealership?  

In next week’s webinar with Automotive News, Mo Zahabi, senior director of product consulting for VinSolutions and data enthusiast, will answer these questions and more. Join us on Tuesday, May 7 at 1p.m. CT to learn what AI is and is not, how AI can be implemented in dealerships today and key criteria for evaluating AI vendors – all in language that will enable you to go back to your dealership teams and make a compelling case for bringing artificial intelligence into your sales and marketing mix. 

Join Mo for this webinar and learn how to:  

  • Define artificial intelligence and related terms. 
  • Identify specific opportunities for artificial intelligence implementation. 
  • Lay the foundation for strong use of artificial intelligence in your dealership. 


You’ll leave the webinar with a strong understanding of what artificial intelligence is and how it can benefit your dealership today. Register for the free webinar today!