Get Back to Business with CRM Training

As businesses and communities begin to reopen, a lot of questions about the best way to move forward are likely to arise for your dealership. Some of these questions will be specific to this particular moment in time, like how to communicate new sanitation procedures to your employees and customers. But others will have more long-term implications, like how to set up your team and tools to sell cars remotely.  

Whether your questions are big, small, or somewhere in between, the VinSolutions team is here to provide the support you need to get back to business. As part of that support, we’re providing several training and education resources your team can access virtually.  

Automotive retail experts on the VinSolutions team, alongside experts across Cox Automotive, have been working together to compile best practices for keeping your dealership moving forward during these times. There’s a full library of webinars, blogs and other resources at, but here are a couple key webinars to get you started:  

How to Win Deals and Adapt to New Consumer Behaviors 
In this webinar, you’ll learn how to optimize your dealership’s digital retailing presence, identify and prioritize the best opportunities, and win deals with the experience your customers expect. Register Now 

End-to-End Best Practices: Navigating the New Normal 
Selling and servicing vehicles requires now requires providing a new experience both inside and outside the dealership. Join industry experts Chase Abbott and Mo Zahabi as they share best practices that you can implement throughout your entire dealership.  
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If you are a current VinSolutions Connect CRM user, you can access several new training courses specific to getting back to business in eAcademy:  

Back to Business 
Get suggestions for getting back to business in the new normal with Connect CRM, including refreshers and solutions in task management, list management, profile manager, deal tracker and no contact buying.  
VinSolutions Users, Register Now 

Finding Opportunities 
Learn how to find opportunities in Connect CRM and how to work in the new sales environment, with a focus on tool workflow and finding the next deal.  
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For more tips on moving your dealership forward, visit the Cox Automotive resource hub.