Does your technology help you take action?

When you think about it, this clear path to action is what makes a tool valuable to your dealership. Is the most valuable part of your CRM the backend technology that fires automated tasks? No, what makes a CRM valuable to a dealership is the clear guidance on what action to take next to improve your likelihood of a sale. 

CRMs have been around a while, but the same logic applies to newer CRM enhancements like artificial intelligence. A good CRM with artificial intelligence doesn’t just look cool; it provides you with the real, meaningful insights that help do things that improve results. Here are a few key criteria to keep in mind when evaluating if your CRM helps you take action. 


Any manager knows that customer data is everywhere, but with so much out there, it can be hard to make much of any of it. A good CRM with artificial intelligence serves up easy-to-access info on activity in your software systems, so you have visibility into what is going well, what could be going better and what isn’t going at all. The enhanced manager dashboard in Connect CRM with Connect Automotive Intelligence does just that, giving managers a quick, high-level summary of where customers are in the sales cycle so they can help guide salespeople on what do next. 


Visibility is a good first step toward action, but prioritization is also critical. There will always be more opportunities than there is time, so a good CRM with artificial intelligence will help prioritize which opportunities might be best to act on. Take the Buying Signals feature in Connect Automotive Intelligence as an example. Using customer data from Kelley Blue Book, Autotrader, and Connect CRM, Connect Automotive Intelligence indicates which of your leads are most likely to be ready to buy and serves that information up quickly in the manager dashboard. In fact, consumers classified as “ready to buy” by Connect Automotive Intelligence were nearly 8.2 times more likely than the average consumer to purchase within 30 days.  


You can see opportunities, you know which ones to act on, but do you know what to do? Specificity is the third consideration when evaluating how actionable a CRM is knowing which opportunities to act on won’t help you much if you don’t know how to act on them. The right CRM with AI can tell you not only when customers are ready to buy, but also what make and model they are ready to buy. The interactive manager dashboard in Connect CRM with Connect Automotive Intelligence helps increase productivity by enabling managers to review individual opportunities and quickly understand what path the customer took on their journey – making taking action easier and faster. 

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