Introducing the 2019 VinSolutions Team Members of the Year

Earlier this month, VinSolutions hosted its annual All Hands meeting, a company-wide gathering to celebrate the previous year’s success and rally behind the vision for the future. In addition to recognizing the successes of the company, the All Hands meeting also recognizes the individual successes of our hardworking team members. We caught up with this year’s Team Members of the Year to hear more about their year and what this recognition means to them. Congrats to all of this year’s honorees! 

Alex-McCabe.jpgAlex McCabe, Product Manager
VinSolutions Team Member of the Year

Proudest accomplishment from this year: I am proud to have been trusted to lead large initiatives across multiple teams, as well as bring feedback and metrics to our Engineering and Product teams about the great work we all did. I am also very proud to show client and internal department feedback around how sometimes the “smallest” things can make a big difference. 
What this recognition means: It means everything. It shows the power of what a strong culture can breed, as well as how hard work, determination and a great attitude are valued. Individual recognition like this is never a sought-after destination and the hard work would never change, but it’s a reassurance of always putting in that hard work and doing the right things. Awards like this are always won because of the great people and teams around you. I am very fortunate to be surrounded by phenomenal people across multiple departments who understand the value of trust, team-first attitude and strong work ethic.


Kaycee-Sweany.PNGKaycee Sweany, Supervisor Technical Client Services
VinGives Award (Volunteerism and Philanthropy)

Best thing about working for VinSolutions: Empowerment. I feel like I make a difference everyday I’m here. I feel listened to, respected and valued.
What this recognition means: I’m still in shock!



Jeff Anderson, Software Engineer II
Engineering Team Member of the Year                               

Best thing about working at VinSolutions: Although I love learning and working with talented people, what makes VinSolutions special is how much everyone cares. We’ve had some late nights trying to get things working, and we’ve had team members get online and try to help us out any way they could. No one has to do that, yet everyone makes that extra effort and wants to see each other succeed.
What this recognition means: It means a lot that people thought I was deserving of this award. We have a very talented engineering group at VinSolutions, so to not only be nominated by people but to win the award means a lot. I want to thank everyone who has helped get me to where I currently am. So many people have gone out of their way to help me grow as a developer. If it weren’t for so many people in this company, I wouldn’t have been able to grow as fast as I have in this last year.


Jane-Butler.jpgJane Butler, Senior Readiness Project Manager
Operations Team Member of the Year

Proudest accomplishment this year: It is difficult to isolate a single accomplishment as this year has been filled with a variety of projects that have provided me with tremendous learning experiences throughout the year. Each project has allowed me to partner with great teams who have worked tirelessly to drive successful launches.
Best thing about working for VinSolutions: The people. There is such a depth of knowledge across the organization, and everyone is so willing to share their knowledge and help advance the organization through teamwork.


Stephen-Dengel.jpgStephen Dengel, Digital Marketing Specialist II
Managed Services Team Member of the Year

Proudest accomplishment this year: Early in the year, I started creating tutorial videos on how to use some of the basic features of email marketing in Connect CRM and what dealers can expect from the TargetPro+ team.
Best thing about working for VinSolutions: My favorite thing about working for VinSolutions has been how supportive my leadership team has been in supporting some of the crazier ideas I’ve had to improve our team.


Diana-Dickerson.jpgDiana Dickerson, FPA Manager
Finance and Marketing Team Member of the Year

Proudest accomplishment this year: I am proud of the projects that help to improve VinSolutions’ P&L (COGS/revenue audits). #savevinmoney
What this recognition means: I am truly honored, and it is very motivating to be rewarded in this way!     



Shelley-Herrman.JPGShelley Herrman, Implementation Project Manager
Client Onboarding Team Member of the Year

Best thing about working for VinSolutions: It is hard to pick just one thing. I enjoy the customer contact and relationships I build with my dealers during implementation. I work with a great group of people. The work-home life balance we have is amazing. I am a two-year breast cancer survivor, and I have appreciated the support from Cox Automotive that has allowed me to have multiple surgeries, complete treatments and continue to complete follow-up appointments and preventative measures. The work-home life balance has also allowed me to be a mom and not miss those important life events. The volunteer opportunities are amazing and so very rewarding in so many ways. I have been so lucky to work with the American Cancer Society, Hope Lodge and Ronald McDonald House, and it has been encouraged by VinSolutions and Cox Automotive.

What this recognition means: It means a lot. It was nice to know my peers, management and dealers notice my hard work and dedication.



Harry-Lai-2.jpgHarry Lai, User Experience Architect
Product Team Member of the Year

Proudest accomplishment this year: Aside from not tripping when I went up to receive this award, I’m proudest of the work we did launching Connect Automotive Intelligence. It was a new concept for us, involving lots of moving parts, and it brought together teams and contributions from several different Cox Automotive business units. Getting Connect Automotive Intelligence launched for NADA 2019 took hard work, and the collaborative attitude of everyone involved is what made it happen. I’m especially happy that we also took time to evaluate what we launched, identified things we missed, and then released some valuable enhancements shortly afterwards. But honestly, me not tripping was probably a close second.
What this recognition means: It’s very humbling because to me, this recognition is really a reflection of the work we’ve done together as a team. Anything I design is influenced by countless discussions with product managers, engineers, trainers, Performance Managers, sales teams and, of course, my fellow UX’ers. Their expertise and ideas are absolutely key to what I do. I would like to say thank you. It’s been fun working here, and this award was unexpected but very appreciated.


Guy-Lance-2.jpgGuy Lance, Lead Client Trainer
Client Onboarding Team Member of the Year

Proudest accomplishment this year: It has made me so proud to see people that I mentored become mentors to other trainers. I’m proud to be leaving a legacy.
What this recognition means: After 30 years in the car business, I think this is the biggest honor I have ever received. This team is the finest, most highly trained, elite team of professionals I have ever seen. To be recognized in this manor, by this group, is very special. Working with this company, and this group of people, has been one of the greatest honors and experiences of my life.


Aaron-Newcomer-2.jpgAaron Newcomer, Lead Software Engineer
Engineering Team Member of the Year

Proudest accomplishment this year: Earning this award!
Best thing about working for VinSolutions: The people here are the best!


Mario-Scampoli-2.jpgMario Scampoli, Performance Manager
Performance Management Team Member of the Year

Proudest accomplishment this year: Achieving Performance Manager of the Year was certainly one of my proudest accomplishments, and I am grateful that my efforts paid off in achieving the lowest churn. I had two other major accomplishments this year. My son Michael was born in June, and I also went back to school. After many years away I earned my associate degree with honors. 
Best thing about working for VinSolutions: I love being able to work from home and spend more time with my family, while also being able to use my years of experience in the car industry to help other people be successful. Thank you to those who have mentored me along the way. A special thanks to my wife Kelsey for being so supportive in everything that I do.


Haley-Stack.jpegHaley Stack, Senior Technical Client Service Representative
Operations Team Member of the Year

Proudest accomplishment this year: My proudest accomplishment for 2019 is maintaining top metrics for the department while also training new techs moving into the integrations queue.
Best thing about working for VinSolutions: My favorite thing about working at VinSolutions is getting to collaborate and work with members across the building and business units. The company is like a family in not being restricted to one department. Being a part of the Pilot Team within Support and competing in several Corporate Challenge events, I am regularly able to make connections and get to know individuals across many departments.


Rob-Updike.pngRob Updike, Outside Regional Sales Manager
Sales Team Member of the Year

Best thing about working for VinSolutions: From the first day I started working at VinSolutions, I can truly say everyone makes me feel welcome. People are open and honest in good months and down months, and management and peers always make you feel you count. It’s a great place to work, period. Here’s to all my friends in KC… Go Colts!
What this recognition means: This award is a huge honor. At VinSolutions, we have a team environment. I could not be successful without the help of my team, Anthony McGinnis, Kyle Compo, Eddie O’Hara and Chris Pickett. They are always pushing me to be the best I can be every day.