How Connect CRM Drives Success at this Michigan Dealership

Serra Honda Grandville, of Grandville, Michigan, understands that success in automotive retail is all about relationships. That’s why customer service and relationship building are cornerstones of the dealership’s business operations.

But that foundation of great customer service and strong relationships can always be improved with technology. While software may not be able to sell a car on its own, it can help salespeople learn more about customers—giving them a head start when that customer walks through the doors.

Rick Clift, general manager at Serra Honda Grandville, adopted VinSolutions Connect CRM based on this premise—that new technology, combined with established fundamentals, could improve customer satisfaction and help the dealership achieve its goals. It worked. In addition to the obvious benefits of an improved customer experience, Connect CRM has helped Serra Honda Grandville reap more tangible rewards, including increased sales and revenue.    

Setting Goals and Establishing Accountability

Establishing accountability and creating a way to track that accountability was a key component of how Serra Honda Grandville improved its outcomes. Following a conversation at VinWorx, VinSolutions’ annual Connect CRM user summit, about how little customer data is actually being recorded at most dealerships, Rick returned to Michigan committed to  making customer data collection a major priority. Since then, the dealership team has worked with their Performance Manager to establish clear goals and track successful outcomes, including better lead-to-appointment ratios, using Connect CRM. 

Achieving Visible Results with Connect CRM

In addition to setting and attaining goals, Connect CRM has helped Serra Honda Grandville sustain and even improve its commitment to customer service. With more insight into customers, salespeople are better equipped to approach them on their own terms. Salespeople can now communicate more efficiently, desk deals faster and improve their customers’ overall car-buying experiences. This approach has resulted in better engagement from sales staff and improved overall sales.

Technology and Customer Service Working Together

By combining tried and true sales fundamentals with cutting edge technology, Serra Honda Grandville has delivered results to both customers and management. In fact, Serra Honda Grandville sold more than 2,600 cars in 2018—roughly 16 cars per salesperson per month and more than twice the national average for car sales, according to NADA. Find out more about how Serra Honda Grandville transformed their sales process with Connect CRM in our case study.

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