Superpowered Success at VinWorx 2019

Another VinWorx is in the books! And we’re happy to report that this year’s Connect CRM user summit was a huge success. We set out with a goal to deliver two days of Connect CRM insight, application and fun, and we’re happy to say that this year’s summit delivered on all fronts. Here’s a quick recap of a few highlights from VinWorx 2019

Lasered in on Training   

At VinSolutions, we wholeheartedly believe in the value that good, comprehensive training can bring to dealerships. Ongoing training can have huge benefits to productivity. And it’s better for the bottom line too, as dealers spend less time correcting errors and more time mastering available tools and learning more efficient processes.  

That’s why at every VinWorx, this year’s included, our ultimate goal is to maximize dealership’s utilization of Connect CRM. We know the CRM can be a complicated tool to master, and it’s not our style to leave our dealers to figure it out all on their own.  At VinWorx 2019, many attendees from across the country told us how excited they were to get back to the dealership to start applying the new techniques they learned. And that is exactly what we like to hear.  

Superpowered to Succeed  

This year, attendees left each VinWorx session with a new “CRM superpower.” These specific, valuable skills, such as sales X-ray vision and super strengthened desking, focused on boosting efficiency in operational areas key to dealership success.  From the breakout session on “shapeshifting” your BDC by Performance Manager Megan Barto to Josh Linker’s keynote on the power of human creativity, attendees left VinWorx with skills that will superpower success at their dealerships.  

Superstrengthened Network  

Every year, dealers tell us that one of their favorite parts of VinWorx is connecting with their dealer peers, so at VinWorx 2019, we made sure to give attendees ample opportunities to connect with one another. From between-session coffee breaks to our Tuesday evening band and barbeque party in the historic Stockyards, Connect CRM users, Performance Managers and industry experts all came together to learn from each other. I know I left this year’s VinWorx with a lot of new insights and ideas!  

If you’re interested in learning more about VinWorx, connect with the team here or reach out to your Performance Manager. Stay tuned for updates on VinWorx 2020!