Case Study

Mohawk Honda

Pursuing personalization with Connect Automotive Intelligence. 

Mohawk Honda has built a successful dealership over the past 100 years with the core philosophy of providing a great customer experience. But with business growth and the need to manage an abundance of customer data, providing a positive buying experience has understandably become more challenging. 

With limited resources and an increase in customers, Mohawk Honda looked to artificial intelligence tool VinSolutions Connect Automotive Intelligence to ensure that the dealership continued to deliver a highly personalized experience. Specifically, Connect Automotive Intelligence has helped: 

  • Improve human connections by tailoring each customer conversation based on individual interests.   
  • Enable salespeople to reach out to customers at the right time with the right, relevant message.  
  • Improve employee training by giving managers the ability to follow up with leads and track sales personnel engagement. 
  • Gain insights into each customer’s buying journey to improve personalization. 

See how VinSolutions Connect Automotive Intelligence helps improve personalization.